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  • Check out Ghostwolf!

    Have you heard of Ghostwolf yet? Lunar Halos is my new favorite album to wake up to. Featuring SA Martinez of 311 fame on vocals. I have a feeling that his singing style is a love or hate kind of thing, but I really dig it. He makes a sweet and soulful style his own, and it marks a big departure from his rapper-cum-backup-singer role beside Nick in 311. If anything, he sounds more honest and heartfelt, and that’s never a bad thing. You can listen via the YouTube link above, or stream it in full on Ghostwolf’s Bandcamp page   Enjoy!

  • Silly boy in superhero mask

    Apache is Back.

    I messed up. Apache is back, now that our webserver has more horsepower and needs better compatibilty to remain versatile. Don’t get me wrong. NGINX still blows me away on the Raspberry Pi, but Apache seems very capable on our current platform. I quickly learned that Varnish and MySQL do not cooperate well on a single CPU virtual machine with 2GB of memory available too. Google Pagespeed Insights got me all OCD about performance, and some of the load-time reduction tips affected the presentation of the site, so I had to find a compromise. How was your visit today? Fast? Slow? Let me know in the comments 🙂 B

  • Microserver Stack Diagram

    Microserver Configured

    I recently hauled a brand-spanking-new HP Microserver Gen8 back from the UK, and I’ve been configuring it to render my Drobo FS NAS and Pi Webserver obsolete. The server runs FreeNAS 9.10 to provide network-attached storage to my home network. FreeNAS also allows users to run virtual machines via the VirtualBox hypervisor. This enabled me to replace my Pi webserver with a Centos 7 virtual machine running a LAMP stack for hosting both Bendayo and Junkocooper.com. I also have a Windows 10 Pro VM on standby for testing software or running windows-only utilities. I’m currently having some issues with mySQL crashing due to memory restrictions / my awful configs in the…