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Real vs Fake EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tools

My favorite tool for crimping copper ethernet cables is the PlatinumTools EZ-RJPRO HD crimp tool. Recently I needed to buy one for field work, so I ordered one from

When it arrived, I noticed that it didn’t feel like the tools I’d used in my previous work. I crimped some cables and noticed that the insulation wasn’t being clamped fully, so I ordered another from a different seller, and sure enough, a different-looking tool arrived. I tried re-crimping and had much better results.

I googled around to see if anyone had done a side-by-side comparison and couldn’t find anything. So, to (hopefully) save some other engineers the same heartbreak, I created an illustration of the differences between the two. Here you go!


For folks ordering in Japan, I got my genuine product from the seller サバーイランド (SABAY LAND SALES). The clone came from seller サンセットストア (SUNSET STORE).

If this article helped you out, leave a comment! If this helps at least one person out, it was all worthwhile 🙂

Arduino Projects Downloads

Arduino UNO Clone – CH34X Chip Serial Driver

Fake UNO photo

Problem: My daughter brought this UNO clone home from a science workshop. The default driver installed by Windows 10 “USB2.0-Serial” wasn’t working. It couldn’t allocate a COM port to open the serial connection.

Solution: I needed to install a CH340/CH341 USB-SERIAL driver that I found on a Chinese website. Here you go:


Thank You SoftLayer / IBM Cloud

It’s been a fun, challenging, and unforgettable journey at SoftLayer / IBM Cloud. I’ve enjoyed working on a multitude of projects, big and small, that push the Data Center Operations team to keep learning, keep improving, and keep focused on putting the customer first.

Working alongside technicians in Tokyo and Paris taught me that there’s always more than one approach to solving a problem. Everyone, from the newest recruit to the die-hard veteran, has something to contribute. Cloud and DC Operations is “the business of change”, and it takes a balance of fresh perspectives, ambition, determination, knowledge, and wisdom to roll with those changes.

This is my last week on-site before I take a short break and gear up for a new challenge. I won’t forget the lessons I’ve learned and friends I’ve made during my time here, and I want to shout a huge “thank you!” to my team, workmates, managers, HR staff and anyone else that makes IBM Cloud what it is.

Special Thanks:

Serhat Ozcelik – Your candor, trust, and pragmatism made me more objective and determined.

Enda McDermott – Thanks for your anecdotes, for getting straight to the point, and keeping each department accountable for the right work.

Jason Coneby– For the real-talk, and for pushing me to present and deliver my ideas on a global scale.

Mike Williams – For hitting the ground running, listening to staff at all levels, and empowering technicians through initiatives like the DCOPS Performance, Accountability, and Continuous Improvement Team.

Ben Lyndgaard – For your patience, attention to detail, and amazing project management.

Mansoor Nazir and all the Paris Team– So many big projects on the go and you somehow found time to make me and Vincent Lee’s visit to Paris a productive one. Thank you!

Great Memories of Paris – before COVID kicked us out!

Susan Klinkert– For the amazing work organizing my Paris trip from the beginning to the dizzying return when Covid-19 picked up. Every interaction left me smiling 🙂

Norman Pham– I’m confident that if all our documentation disappeared overnight you’d be able to dictate every procedure down to the tiniest quirk. You are the archetypal tech wizard.

George Comodromos – Another endless well of knowledge. Always friendly, never afraid to get someone out of the stickiest mess, and always “np”!

Good Friends and Good Eating!

To anyone I haven’t mentioned: you’re important too. Keep learning, keep improving, and keep a level head!