Check out Ghostwolf!

Have you heard of Ghostwolf yet?

Lunar Halos is my new favorite album to wake up to.

Featuring SA Martinez of 311 fame on vocals. I have a feeling that his singing style is a love or hate kind of thing, but I really dig it. He makes a sweet and soulful style his own, and it marks a big departure from his rapper-cum-backup-singer role beside Nick in 311. If anything, he sounds more honest and heartfelt, and that’s never a bad thing.

You can listen via the YouTube link above, or stream it in full on Ghostwolf’s Bandcamp page  


Hobby Music

Tune: Puppy Pups – w/ Patrick Ogida

Recently recorded some bass parts for a friend’s project, Red Paperboats.
Here’s a (very) rough mix:

Here’s a clip of the intro/verse line.


Tune: New Shorts

I’ve been working on this sucker for just over a morning.
Makes me want to power up and fight an incoming enemy!