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Arduino UNO Clone – CH34X Chip Serial Driver

Fake UNO photo

Problem: My daughter brought this UNO clone home from a science workshop. The default driver installed by Windows 10 “USB2.0-Serial” wasn’t working. It couldn’t allocate a COM port to open the serial connection.

Solution: I needed to install a CH340/CH341 USB-SERIAL driver that I found on a Chinese website. Here you go:

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Sneak Peek: iPad Playtimer Prototype

Here’s a sneak peek of a personal project I’m working on. My 2 year-old daughter is getting crabby and hooked on our iPad, so it’s time to lay down the law in a fun way.

The iPad will be locked in a cute “vending machine” and we’ll give her a couple of coins a day. Each coin unlocks the machine and allows 20 minutes of play time. When the timer is up, the machine will nag audibly and visibly until the iPad is replaced.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Arduino Project: Hermes

Speed! Cunning! Moving freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine!

Picture of the Greek messenger Hermes
Hermes – A speedy dude.

Okay, not the kind of language that leaps to mind when we’re talking about Arduino and homemade robots, but I had to choose a cool name for my Arduino-powered vehicle. The Greek gods had awesome names, and of all the gods that I know of, Hermes was the most…movey.

Not long after playing around with the parts included in the Osooyoo UNO kit I began to ponder how I could make something that could roam the house and pester my wife and daughter, so naturally motors and wheels became the order of the day.


The Arduino team have produced something called a Motor Shield. A “shield” is an add-on board that sits squarely above an Arduino board and passes through all of the digital and analog headers while providing additional functionality. By adding the Motor Shield to my UNO, I was able to easily attach the two 3V motors included with a Tamiya Double Gearbox which can be controlled via software.

Left: The Arduino Motor Shield. Right: The Tamiya Double Gearbox
Left: The Arduino Motor Shield. Right: The Tamiya Double Gearbox