Microserver Stack Diagram

Microserver Configured

I recently hauled a brand-spanking-new HP Microserver Gen8 back from the UK, and I’ve been configuring it to render my Drobo FS NAS and Pi Webserver obsolete.

The server runs FreeNAS 9.10 to provide network-attached storage to my home network. FreeNAS also allows users to run virtual machines via the VirtualBox hypervisor. This enabled me to replace my Pi webserver with a Centos 7 virtual machine running a LAMP stack for hosting both Bendayo and Junkocooper.com. I also have a Windows 10 Pro VM on standby for testing software or running windows-only utilities.

I’m currently having some issues with mySQL crashing due to memory restrictions / my awful configs in the Centos virtual machine. I’m looking forward to getting my head around it over the coming weeks.

I’ve replaced some of the stock hardware in the Gen8 Microserver, and I’ll do a rundown in a future post. Until then, why not consider getting your own Microserver?


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